The final blog of our Business Continuity Awareness Week series is focusing on Organisational Resilience.

Duncan Kuipers Managing Director for BENE has offered a valuable insight of the importance of Organisational Resilience.

Today we celebrate Organisational Resilience as part of Business Continuity Awareness Week and are proud to say that our organisation demonstrates this quality. It is the behaviour of our team members that guarantee the reliability of our processes. OASIS Group prioritise the performance of our services, integrate excellent processes and continuously develop innovative solutions to ensure the best possible customer experience. We build long-term customer loyalty and trust by consistently performing on these elements.

Organisation resilience is essential for business success, especially in these challenging times. We strive to continuously improve the resilience of our organisation to adapt to unforeseen circumstances that may arise. That is why we invest in developing our people processes and technology to ensure that we are always ready to take on any challenges that come our way. In today’s world, organisations are required to protect sensitive information. A resilient organisation must manage this information, physically and digitally, from source to destruction. This requires high-quality information security and optimal access to use this information safely and effectively. Operational resilience is needed to identify continuous improvements to meet our customer’s needs over the long term.

Duncan Kuipers 
Managing Director BENE, OASIS Group

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To bring this years Business Continuity Awareness Week to a close we have a quote from OASIS Groups Group Compliance and Audit Director, Nicola Simpson.

This year’s theme for Business Continuity Awareness Week is an interesting one: Embracing the challenge of resilience.

But is resilience really a challenge? 

Resilience is about being proactive – scanning the horizon of our internal and external landscapes to identify threats and assess risks that could take us off course and disrupt our operations and services. When we know which threats we face, we can work out where our vulnerabilities lie, and most importantly we can then take preventive actions to build up our defences and protect ourselves from potential disruptions and incidents. In this way we become more agile, flexible and prepared to respond to incidents and deal with the unexpected.

Business Continuity on the other hand, is about being reactive – after a disruption or incident has occurred we will take actions to continue our critical operations and services in accordance with our business continuity plans, until normal service is resumed.   

So resilience is really about building flexible solutions and defences into our day to day business that enable us to safeguard our people, infrastructure, operations and services so that if a disruption does occur, we can implement these solutions straight away, and prevent (as much as possible) a disruption from becoming a crisis, and ultimately minimise the impact on our clients, team members and our business. The more resilient and prepared we are, the fewer challenges we will face, so let’s just embrace resilience rather than the (perceived) challenge!

Nicola Simpson
Group Compliance and Audit Director, OASIS Group

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