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Protect your most critical assets in our secure temperature and humidity controlled tape & media storage.

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Our off-site media vault is perfect for storing highly confidential, historical, or irreplaceable media.

Benefits of Tape vaulting

Our media vault storage service safeguards your business-critical information assets by providing safe, secure transportation and storage of backup media and eliminates any risk of potential data breach.

Avoid data breaches

Many organisations rely on employees taking home backup tapes containing personally-identifiable and commercially-sensitive data. Such a practice could be in breach of GDPR, and increase your risk of litigation, fines and reputational damage.

Complete chain of custody

Our secure media vault storage clients benefit from an exhaustive audit trail with log records for every pick-up and delivery. We utilise our own fleet of livered vans for point-to-point tracking.

Preserve your data

Heat, cold and humidity can all cause data deterioration. Our media vaults, store backup tapes in fully air-conditioned and humidity-controlled conditions thus preserving your most critical data.

Optimise office space

Our Backup Tape Rotation service allows clients to utilise more of their premises for core business functions by reducing the amount of on-site storage.

Cost effective

Our Backup Tape Rotation Service allows you to reuse your old storage tapes thereby allowing you to make the most of your investment.

Expert advice

Our media vault storage experts and carefully maintained climate controlled media vault provide an ideal storage solution to our clients who require either the long term preservation of historical tapes

Tape storage process

The process of storing media may vary depending on the needs of each client, as well as the type of media being stored. The below advises the typical process our clients can expect.

A member of our Secure Tape Storage team will work with a member of your organisation to develop an optimal Backup rotation schedule. The backup tape rotation schedule will be added to our information management portal and a work order will routinely initiate. Once there you can preview, download, print and modify records from any location.

A member of our Secure Tape Storage team will collect your tapes from your premises. Tapes are securely transported in protected containers and in GPS-tracked vehicles, until safely placed in our climate-controlled media vault.

All tapes identified by a unique barcode, and placed within our secure and fully air-conditioned and humidity-controlled media vault where they remain protected and preserved until required by the client.

A member of our Secure Tape Storage team will be automatically notified of your routine retrieval request. Your tapes will be identified and located via their unique barcodes and securely delivered back to your premises.

Offsite tape storage options

Media storage – For the safeguarding of your information

We know that the environment in which your backup tapes are stored is important to the retention of your business critical information. This is why we store our clients’ media tapes in fully temperature and humidity-controlled vaults, with gas suppression, safeguarding your business-critical information from potential deterioration.

Back-up rotation – For your peace of mind

Our backup rotation service ensures your most recent business critical information is secured securely offsite, offline and out of reach.

Tapes are fully tracked and transferred between your premise and our secure vaults using our temperature and humidity controlled vehicles

What our clients are saying

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OASIS provides us with a full records & information management service & to date the relationship between the two companies has worked very well. We have found OASIS’s services to be of a very high standard, with emphasis on security, quality, accuracy & punctual service

Clarkslegal LLP

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I had been approached by a number of businesses over the last three years looking to acquire my interest. When OASIS made an approach, their personalised, friendly and efficient manner essentially won the day. In particular, their commitment to continue to grow and manage the Box-it group.

Box-it group

We have found that OASIS have communicated well on each level & been happy to accommodate our changing needs. Our on going service contract includes the delivery & recall of archived information & this too seems to be working well.

Health Records Department , Princess Alexandra Hospital Harlow

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OASIS have consistently delivered a quality client focused service. They successfully managed, in conjunction with DMHS, a time sensitive project that saw in excess of 40,000 important documents migrated from our in-house facility to their specialised warehouse.

DMH Stallard (DMHS)

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Tape & media vault FAQs

Our media vault is monitored with video surveillance 24 hours a day. We use the strictest access features such as keypad controls and biometric fingerprint scanners.

Yes. Our media vault staff are specially trained on the proper procedures for handling and transporting confidential media.

If you use our media vault services you will have peace of mind that in the event of a technical or natural disaster, your valuable information will be protected and recoverable. Also, our tape rotation services help to make certain that your data is updated on a regular basis.

We use barcodes to organise and track all media stored in our vault. With our web-based client program, you can go online to manage your offsite media, request services, or run reports.

You have access to your media 24 hours a day. Emergency delivery is available.

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