Our ESG journey

We know that building trust with our clients and stakeholders extends far beyond the secure management of physical and digital information. It involves operating responsibly and sustainably and living up to high ethical business standards.


What is ESG and what does it mean to OASIS Group?


The E in ESG stands for ‘Environmental’ and focuses on how we minimise our impact on the environment.

Environmental covers a lot of topics including;

  • sustainability culture and approach
  • carbon footprint reduction (energy management, emissions and waste)
  • environmentally friendly initiative/processes/technologies throughout the OASIS products/services lifecycle



The S in ESG stands for ‘Social’ and focuses on how we impact our local communities and wider society.

Social covers a lot of topics including;

  • human rights and labour standards (both internally and through our supply chain)
  • equality, diversity and inclusion
  • data protection and data privacy (both internally and through our supply chain)
  • team member engagement, work environment and wellbeing
  • learning and development of our team members
  • community relations


The G in ESG stands for ‘Governance’ and refers to the process of decision-making, reporting and logistics of running our business.

Governance covers a lot of topics including;

  • business ethics and code of conduct
  • risk and governance framework
  • compliance and health & safety
  • MI reporting processes and tools
  • anti-corruption and bribery
  • procurement and supply chain management

Our ESG journey

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How we approach ESG

We operate a ‘top down and bottom up’ approach to communicating our ESG activities. Every Team Member within OASIS Group is actively working to meet our objectives and we know communication is key to staying on track.

We pride ourselves on doing business in an honest, ethical, socially responsible and sustainable manner and our commitments to ESG challenge us to make a positive impact on the environment and our local communities.


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Our ESG Framework

OASIS has committed to: 

• establishing an ESG committee to guide the implementation of our long-term ESG plans, to monitor and measure our success and report on the impacts of our improvement actions 

• building ESG it into our risk and governance frameworks. As part of our commitment to responsible and sustainable growth, we identify, assess and manage environmental and social risks, impacts and opportunities and we refine our ESG strategy accordingly 

• protecting human and labour rights including those in our supply chain 

• promoting workplace diversity and equal opportunities 

• providing our Team Members with a safe, healthy and fun place of work and we reward them fairly 

• minimising our impact on the environment by monitoring, measuring and reducing our waste and carbon emissions 

• investing in the use of renewable energy, including electric vehicles 

• increasing the volumes of paper, plastic and other resources that we recycle 

• working closely with our supply chain to understand their position on ESG including workplace diversity, human and labour rights, anti-corruption, sustainability and environmental impacts to ensure that they also make a significant and positive impact on our products and services. 

Our achievements so far

Reducing our carbon footprint

Improving for our Team Members

Ensuring our long-term success