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Upon request we are happy to supply evidence of all our quality standards.  We understand that this can assist with your own internal, client and regulatory audits. Please contact our compliance team who will be able assist you compliance@oasisgroup.com.

Being certified with Cyber Essentials demonstrates a commitment to protecting data. The certification is evidence that an organisation has the appropriate processes in place safeguarding data from common cyber attacks.

Cyber security is essential to our everyday life, it protects our data from theft and damage. If cyber criminals obtained your data this could be misused, cyber security can protect your data from common cyber threats.

Business continuity planning requires input from every department in your organisation. All levels within each department will need to be involved in the planning process to ensure that every business critical process and function is identified.

A business impact analysis (BIA) is a process that allows departments within your organisation to identify critical processes and functions and their effect should a disruption occur.

A business continuity plan focuses on how a business will keep operating during emergency events or low level disruptions. A disaster recovery plan focuses on restoring IT systems, such as IT infrastructure and data access, after a disaster.

You need to identify risks from both inside and outside of your work environment. The availability of key suppliers may have an impact on your organisation, for instance a power cut may be a high risk or have minimal impact depending on your business activities.

A business continuity plan sets out a framework and plan to enable your business to operate during emergency events or low level disruptions.

Physical records are stored in a secure OASIS Group Record Centre and digital records are hosted in a Tier 3+ data centre.

You can view your inventory in our online portal OASIS Bridge. If you would like to request access for an authorised user within your organisation please contact your local Client Care team.

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