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Our digital solutions enable organisations to process documents from multiple sources in both physical and digital form. Documents can be easily shared between departments through an intelligent workflow. You can add, modify or delete business processes yourself, through our user-friendly workflow module.

If you make a document request before 4pm, OASIS will physically deliver your document to you the next working day. You can also choose to have the information digitised. Your digitised document will then be made available in our inventory management system exclusively for you.
OASIS can deliver your retrieval as follows:

  • Digitally via ‘scan on demand’ in our online inventory management system OASIS Bridge
  • Physically via the secure transport of OASIS
  • Physically for inspection in our record centre
  • Physical transport in your own control. You collect the documents yourself from our record centre.

Urgent retrieval: If the urgent request is made during office hours, you will receive the physical documents within 3 hours or within 2 hours if you wish to receive the documents digitally. Different service levels are possible in consultation.

Yes, OASIS offers several options: from a one-off clean-up to a periodic collection service on a fixed schedule. OASIS can also offer customised service if you operate from multiple locations. In addition, OASIS also destroys media such as CDs, DVDs, back-up tapes and hard drives, and can destroy and recycle your electronic office equipment.

Physical school records are stored in OASIS Group’s secure record centres and digital records are hosted in a Tier 3+ data centre. Our environmentally controlled record centres are secured at the highest level against theft, damage, and fire. This includes separate compartments and automatically closing fire doors in case of fire. Our archive complies with BORG-2 standards, among others. And our archive procedures, storage and management activities are NEN and ISO-9000 certified.

It is possible to define a retention period per archive box or file. Periodically, as a client, you can generate an overview in OASIS Bridge of all items eligible for destruction. When you send the list to Client Care, you will receive a provisional destruction list in PDF for signature. Only signed destruction lists are then commissioned.

Schools must follow strict rules when processing personal data, and laws and regulations stipulate how long school records can be kept and the exceptions to this. OASIS is your partner and can advise you on information and records management in the broadest sense. You can also contact us for the confidential and secure destruction of school records.

Our multi-award winning Omnidox Suite offers blue-chip organisations and small businesses access to the same leading technology. By utilising our Omnidox cloud-based solution your documents can be accessed simultaneously and shared with ease, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Our powerful Omnidox suite is flexible and fully scalable, so as your business grows, we can help you manage your information records growth whilst continuing being compliant.

We know that operating small businesses takes time and energy to be successful, and often records management needs are not the highest priority. We build a bespoke storage package for every client (no matter how big or small the organisation). We can cope with large or small volumes, regular or ad hoc retrievals, individual files, or entire boxes. We offer online systems for your records management to easily access and extract data, allowing you to stay focused on what is important – the success of your small business.

OASIS Group operates across Europe, with record centres and digital processing centres distributed around the continent. Whether you have only one store or several, we can collect your data and store it in our nearest record centre.

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