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Indexing is key to the easy retrieval of electronic records. You should index your records according to the information that will be needed in order to retrieve the record. We can assist you in creating your indexing system. We offer customised indexing based on your company’s needs. Also, we offer an OCR option to help with the search and retrieval of your electronic records.

One of the main benefits of digital imaging is that it drastically reduces the time it takes to access your records. Digital imaging reduces your storage costs and space. Also, digital imaging is beneficial for companies that have multiple locations with several employees that need access to the same information.

No. We suggest only digitising records that are ‘active’, for example personnel files for existing Team Members, inactive files that are still within their required retention period can be securely stored in one of our regional record centres.

Yes. Once your confidential information is securely shredded, we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.

No. We will not shred any of your records in our records centre until the request is given in writing by an authorised person.

No. We also shred media including CD’s, DVD’s, backup tape and hard drives. Also, we can destroy and recycle your electronic office equipment.

Yes. The scan on demand service securely delivers a digital copy of the record over the HSCN network, to the practice in 4 hours. This is often used when a practice is preparing a SAR.

A same or next day courier service is also an option if the original paper record is required.

Yes. Saturdays work very well and records can also be collected during the week.

Yes, our ‘follow-on’ service is available even if you didn’t complete the initial digitisation with noteSpace Digital.  It includes a scheduled collection of new records, digitisation and either deep storage or secure destruction and disposal.

noteSpace Digital is a fully managed service.  Our friendly team will visit your Practice, collect, transport, catalogue, digitise and deep store your Patient paper records.

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