Day four of Business Continuity Awareness Week, ‘Embracing the challenge of Resilience’, and today’s focus is all about Personal Resilience.

Today, Lorraine Williams, Head of HR has shared her experience and how OASIS Group supports its team members with personal resilience.

OASIS Group is a fast-paced business where change is always present. In order to best fulfil our roles, I look at myself and my HR team to draw on our own personal resilience and adapt it to the workplace.

From early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we as a team adapted to a rapidly changing workplace environment, guiding managers and team members through significant adjustments so that we could all keep OASIS Group running and bounce back post pandemic. 

Early on, the business continuity team realised this would be a marathon and not a sprint, and so we had to look at ways of becoming resilient to cope with what was ahead. In those challenging times, agility and resilience were required in spade loads, as the situation we faced was like none we had experienced before. In times like this we dig deep to draw on our emotional intelligence, positivity, and balance. We took time to reflect on how we would handle what was immediately in front of us.

For me, resilience is about building positive networks with friends, family and work colleagues, and living a healthy life whether nutritionally or physically. The desire to remain fit and healthy for as long as possible helps me become more resilient.

Here at OASIS we have taken “Resilience in the Workplace” to a new level by introducing our Women’s Networking Group – a great place to extend our network within OASIS and beyond as we explore topics including fertility, menopause, health and fitness, anxiety, and stress. Meeting for a ‘walk and talk’ not only brings the group together in a positive way, but also embraces our desire to improve our own fitness and mental health by building a support network and promoting a more balanced work life approach.

Mental Health in the Workplace awareness for managers, along with our commitment to train Mental Health First Aiders across our UKI and BENE regions, has led to managers and team members becoming more aware and supportive of work colleagues who may be struggling with mental health.  Knowing how to spot someone in the workplace who may be struggling, and how to support them to seek help is of huge importance to us at OASIS, aligned with our values of being Client Focused, Trustworthy and Supportive.

Adopting a positive perspective in my working day helps put situations into balance, whether large or small, which helps me to build personal resilience.  When you ask yourself, can this situation be resolved, nine time out of ten it can. So rather than panic and stress, in the HR team we look to see what we can do to turn things around.

We work with great teams at OASIS, where we all tackle situations large and small whichever FBU we work in. Together we’re able to pull together, draw on each other’s strengths and resilience, and always strive to win through. 

Lorraine Williams, Head of HR – OASIS Group

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