For Business Continuity Awareness Week 2023 we are ‘Embracing the challenge of Resilience’, and taking a look at different elements that support Business Continuity at OASIS Group. So far this week we have posted on our blog about Cyber Resilience and Supply Chain Resilience.

Today, Fabienne Caers, Operations Manager based in Belgium, provides an overview into how she and her team support Business Continuity within their operational roles.

When COVID-19 became a serious concern and the world went into lockdown, our operational team members showed enormous resilience. Nobody knew how bad the situation was going to be, but the operational team still made every effort to come into our Record Centres wherever it was safe and lawful to do so to make sure our clients were serviced. We were in unprecedented territory, but we navigated the requirements and made it happen as a team.

Of course, risk management is of utmost importance in situations like this. Our team members need to feel that OASIS Group has their back, and their wellbeing is on top of the list. We listened to the concerns of our team members and started a dialogue in order to put in place the right measures so they could feel good about the job at hand.

I witnessed how far flexibility can go, how our team members adapted in an uncertain world and took responsibility as a team. This gives great reassurance for the challenges to come.

Fabienne Caers, Operations Manager – OASIS Group

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