OASIS possess a formidable track record in delivering careful and considered exits for business owners, their team members and clients across Europe. Having closed over 50 transactions since 2009, OASIS has the expertise and experience to ensure a smooth transition of ownership.

Why OASIS Group

The OASIS Acquisitions Team is unique in the Information Management industry, having extensive experience on both sides of the sale process, from the perspective of a strategic buyer and a business owner.

We seek partnerships with business owners and investors regardless of what stage of the journey they are at and see strong relationships as the foundation of a successful future transaction.

Having developed streamlined acquisition processes over many years allows OASIS and our trusted 3rd party advisors to deliver professional, empathetic and efficient exits for business owners.

The Process

The thought of selling a business can be daunting. However, the OASIS Acquisitions Team is here to make this process as simple and considered as possible.

Below is a high-level overview of the key steps in selling your business. We are always pleased to spend time with business owners who are considering their options and talk them through the steps in detail.

Informal and confidential discussion, usually under a simple, mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Sharing of information between the parties, this can be high level to enable OASIS to provide a broad valuation range (an indicative offer), or slightly more detailed to facilitate a reasonably accurate valuation (a Letter of Intent).

In the event that a business owner accepts the proposal, a sale process can commence – this entails due diligence, drafting and agreement of legal documents, and required approvals from the board of directors of both parties.

The sale completes. The OASIS Acquisitions Team will remain in close contact with exiting business owners to help with the transition and any other post-completion obligations.

OASIS’ Project Management Office will oversee the practical steps that ensure the careful transition of employees, clients and trusted partners to OASIS ownership.

OASIS Acquisition Timeline




OASIS Group are actively seeking acquisition opportunities in the European Union, United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland.

We are very proud of our relationships with the business owners we have worked with. Here is just some of the feedback we have received.

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I had been approached by a number of businesses over the last years looking to acquire my interest. When OASIS made the approach, their personalised, friendly and efficient manner essentially won the day.

Archive 2000

In my limited experience of selling companies & businesses, this was by far the easiest to execute. Partly because you did not have loads of consultants duplicating each other’s work, partly because you knew exactly what you wanted but mainly because if there was a question you involved Brian & sorted it before it became an issue. From my point of view, the best thing of all was when you agreed to something you did not reopen the same question. It has been a pleasure to do business with you.

Anglian Archives

I had been approached by a number of businesses over the last three years looking to acquire my interest. When OASIS made an approach, their personalised, friendly and efficient manner essentially won the day. In particular, their commitment to continue to grow and manage the Box-it group.

Box-it group

Selling a business during a pandemic was never going to be the easiest of undertakings but OASIS’ professional and open approach made things as smooth as they could have been during trying times. We now entrust our business of over 40 years to OASIS in the knowledge that it will be in good hands. A big thank you to Matt and the team for all the hard work and wish you all the best for the future.

Simon Clarke , Director

Corporate Development Knowledge Hub