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Be dynamic with your data. OASIS is proud to offer ‘best of breed’ document scanning technologies for all your digitisation and data capture needs.

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Our document scanning services convert your files from hardcopy format into useable electronic files. These digital files can be transferred to a digital archive with the capacity for easy online retrieval.

Benefits of Scanning

We provide a range of document scanning and data capture services within a highly secure environment using best of breed technologies for speed, quality and high levels of accuracy.


Track records through our web hosted repository and reduce time searching for files with an efficient document indexing process.

Greater efficiencies

Remove the fuss and associated costs of manually processing your documents and reduce reliance on physical storage space and the need to own technological hardware

Flexible and scalable

Our highly customisable scanning service can be tailored to your document retrieval needs. Depending on how often you need to store and retrieve your documents, we have a plan to suit your needs

Secure document scanning

No matter what the request, we can digitise your files safely and securely. Our state-of-the-art scanning software allows for the data capture of large or small volumes of hardcopy documents.

Free up office space

Free up valuable office space by removing filing cabinets and clearing store rooms. Space can be utilised by Team Members or office spaces downsized.

Supports remote working

Electronic documentation can support remote working and collaboration between employees across departments, buildings or even countries.

Digitisation process

Our digital services are diverse and flexible, ranging from real-time scanning and data capture, to back scanning, scan from archive and scan on demand. In fact, our services combine to support businesses with effective hybrid document management, through processes that are easy and simple to use.

Depending on how you currently store your documents, OASIS will either collect the documents from your office or – if they are already stored with us – take them from your existing archive and securely transport them to our scanning bureau. Alternatively, all scanning can take place at your own premises.

Upon arrival at the scanning bureau the unique barcode for each box of records or file (depending on how they are stored) is registered. These barcodes enable us to track the location of your files as they move through the scanning process.

Once received your documents are prepared for digitisation. This is the most labour-intensive part of the process, as great care needs to be taken to ensure that all documents are free from staples, clips, post-it notes and creases.

Where necessary, documents are taped and placed in clear plastic sleeves to ensure the highest quality scan. Once files have been prepped, our scanning specialists evaluate the document’s key characteristics, like page size and whether documents are simplex or duplex printed. Documents are then classified accordingly.

Using state-of-the-art scanning equipment, our scanning specialists can digitise any type of document to the requested resolution and format. This includes (but is not limited to) files, certificates, manuscripts, magazines, newspapers and technical drawings such as plans.

Once scanning has been completed, the files are compiled. This document is then subjected to a rigorous quality check, where our scanning specialists resolve any remaining identified issues.

The digitally captured hardcopy documents are then formatted into the desired media and provided to you. There are a range of options for delivery of the data including DVD, secure email or SFTP. Alternatively, we have several hosting options allowing you to preview, download, print and modify your records from any location.

These easy-to-use information management portals gives you full control over your digital files, making it a cost-efficient method of gradually creating your bespoke digital archive.

Scanning options

Whether you need to back scan large volumes of paper archives or have a regular requirement for scanning and data capture services, we have decades of experience and confidently offer a digitisation solution for your organisation.

Engineer working on a project with a microfilm camera.

Scan on Demand

Our Scan-on-demand service is used by many of our document storage clients as a quick and easy alternative to physical document delivery. This option saves clients from scanning entire archives and instead gives them cost effective digital copies of their files and records as they need them.

OASIS plan scanner

Bulk document scanning

Often chosen by organisations with large volumes of historical physical records, this option allows clients to convert entire archives into searchable digital records. Clients benefit from improved compliance, and authorisation control. For additional security many clients will choose to keep a digital backup of their archive in our secure media vault.

OASIS Group meeting and paperwork

Onsite scanning

Ideal for clients who handle sensitive or confidential documents that must stay onsite for security reasons. In these instances, OASIS can provide the necessary hardware and personnel to quickly and affordably create an electronic archive, allowing clients to maintain control of their records and eliminating the need to pack and ship documents.

OASIS Group high speed scanner

Mailroom automation

Capture and classify all incoming documents. The digital mailroom lets you remove cumbersome mailroom delivery processes by converting incoming mail into an easily accessible electronic format. By adopting this automated and centralised process you can improve efficiency and lower operational costs associated with inbound document organisation and distribution.

What our clients are saying

Clarks Legal logo The Princess Alexandra Hospital logo DMH Stallard logo

OASIS has been the off-site storage provider for Hertfordshire Council since November 2016. As part of this contract we implemented a scan on demand service where instead of having paper files returned we now mainly received files scanned back to us from OASIS. They have been a good off-site storage partner who has supported our move towards scan back retrievals.

Tony May , Record Management Service Manager

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OASIS provides us with a full records & information management service & to date the relationship between the two companies has worked very well. We have found OASIS’s services to be of a very high standard, with emphasis on security, quality, accuracy & punctual service

Clarkslegal LLP

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We have found that OASIS have communicated well on each level & been happy to accommodate our changing needs. Our on going service contract includes the delivery & recall of archived information & this too seems to be working well.

Health Records Department , Princess Alexandra Hospital Harlow

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OASIS have consistently delivered a quality client focused service. They successfully managed, in conjunction with DMHS, a time sensitive project that saw in excess of 40,000 important documents migrated from our in-house facility to their specialised warehouse.

DMH Stallard (DMHS)

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Scanning & digitisation FAQs

Our media vault is monitored with video surveillance 24 hours a day. We use the strictest access features such as keypad controls and biometric fingerprint scanners.

Yes. Our media vault staff are specially trained on the proper procedures for handling and transporting confidential media.

If you use our media vault services you will have peace of mind that in the event of a technical or natural disaster, your valuable information will be protected and recoverable. Also, our tape rotation services help to make certain that your data is updated on a regular basis.

We use barcodes to organise and track all media stored in our vault. With our web-based client program, you can go online to manage your offsite media, request services, or run reports.

You have access to your media 24 hours a day. Emergency delivery is available.

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