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8 Core Benefits of a Digital Mailroom

By Jade Miles | 15 August 2023

Now, more than ever before, organisations of all sizes are adopting new methods and procedures to streamline the way in which they work. One of the most prominent developments within the last decade is the digital mailroom.

Also known as electronic mailroom, this system will revolutionise not only your in-house postal functions but also streamline the ways in which teams and departments collaborate. Below you will find insight in the core benefits of using a digital mailroom.

Allowing Hybrid Working

Digital mailrooms allow for the increasingly common world of hybrid work, where employees can work from the office or their home. Traditionally, an employee would need to come to the office to collect their mail or require someone at the business to scan and forward the item.

With digital mailrooms, mail is delivered digitally to the right person regardless of workplace and time of day as a fully automated process. Allowing your organisation to move to hybrid work without worrying about the distance between your employees and physical mail.

Automatic Recognition & Classification

With the increasing reliance on technology for everyday work, digitisation is often not enough for employees and departments that get large amounts of physical mail. In busy departments, data such as date received, or sender name is not enough for employees to easily find the data they are looking for.

Digital mailrooms allow each document to be made readable to software via OCR (Optical Character Recognition). OCR is a technique that reads letters, numbers, and punctuation marks from a document so that they can be edited and archived. Allowing documents to be searchable reducing the time it takes to find any data. As well as being able to convert letters, forms and contracts to editable text and Word documents.

Reduces Environmental Damage

Having excessive incoming mail can lead to an increasingly large quantity of paper simply being disposed of in general waste, which is extremely harmful to the environment and an information security risk. Physical mail is often read once, and then discarded without a moment’s hesitation.

By adopting a digital mailroom solution, you are able to format all of your electronic information with ease, and you can do this without needing to waste paper documents.

Increase Overall Efficiency

There is an age-old saying within the business world that remains relevant to this day – time is money. Should you continue to use the older method that revolves around paper, you will have to delegate several employees to spend countless hours sorting through the documents.

This manual process is extremely time consuming and takes time away from skilled individuals that could be focusing on other core business tasks. Instead, a digital mailroom will allow you to focus on the core offering of your business with a solution that scales as you do.

Reduce Human Error

Manual mail sorting is a tedious and error-prone process where errors can prove costly. Manual operations can lead to mistakes such as misplacing, misdelivering, or losing important documents, which can result in customer dissatisfaction, legal issues, or financial losses.

As daily routine operations and checks are digitised via digital mailrooms, there is less chance of human errors. Mail can be sorted by intelligent rules that work for the organisation instead of the judgement of an employee and any ambiguity can be managed automatically by a set workflow.

Improve Service for Clients

One of the most important factors that contribute towards a company’s success is the ability to consistently provide top-tier client care. This is imperative should you wish to remain competitive within your industry, after all, client satisfaction tends to be reduced when queries are left unanswered.

A huge difference between paper and electronic mail is that when things are in digital format, it is not only easier to read, but also significantly more convenient to respond to.

Better Regulatory Compliance

Regardless of the industry, organisations across Europe are required to adhere to a number of growing governmental regulations regarding client confidentiality and personally identifiable information (PII). Identity fraud has become an increasingly prevalent issue in recent years, so the storing of information must be closely monitored.

By adopting the method of document scanning and digital ingestion utilising a digital mailroom, you are able to hide confidential information behind extra layers of security, subsequently reducing the chances of content being lost. As well as being able to setup workflows that ensure confidential documents are handled correctly.

Allow for Departmental Collaboration

More often than not documentation received by a business or organisation needs to be reviewed by multiple departments or teams. Individuals may be on different floors, in different buildings or even different countries.

Unlike traditional post, which needs to be reposted or scanned and emailed, digital mailrooms allow users to assign to individuals or other team queues for review. Not only does this save time and money, and remove the risk of a data breach, it also helps build interdepartmental relations.

Experience the Benefits of a Digital Mailroom with OASIS Group

Are you looking for a digital mailroom solution but unsure of where to start? We believe that we can provide an incredibly beneficial service. We have decades of experience providing records and information management services to organisations of varying size and industry. We also have over 1,700 Team Members committed to providing outstanding support to our clients.

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