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Hybrid Document Management

By Jade Miles | 22 February 2019

Integrated Services for Hybrid Document Management

Managing paper and digital documents can be challenging, especially during the digital transformation process.  And, at OASIS we understand this.  We also understand that for many businesses, digital conversion of all physical archive content is simply not practical or cost-effective. Some physical records will never be needed, while others are retrieved many times over. We call it the 80:20 rule, with some 80% of archived records never leaving our document storage centres. 

That is why we have developed a range of flexible and affordable integrated solutions to support hybrid document management, to help bridge the gap between paper and digital records.

Our hybrid document management solutions typically combine a variety of our services, including document storage, scanning and data capture (including scan on demand) right through to document destruction. But the real advantage of using OASIS, is our ability to be flexible to ensure you have a service tailored to suit your business’ needs, objectives and budgets.

What are my options for Hybrid Document Management?

  1. Store your physical archive in one of our record centres across Europe and gradually digitise physical archive content over time (through agreed and scalable schedules).
  2. Digitise your current ‘active’ records. Store your physical ‘historical’ archive in our  document storage centres across Europe – use our scan on demand service for secure digital retrieval.
  3. We can of course convert all your physical archive using our digitisation and data capture services, and store the paper originals in our secure document storage centres.

No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey we have a solution that will help your organisation to take control of managing your records.

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About the author

Jade Miles

Jade is the Group Marketing, PR and Communications Director at OASIS Group. She has worked in the information management industry for almost a decade and writes on a majority of topics, including ESG and sustainability which is a personal passion of hers.

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