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Our solutions allow you to sort hundreds of documents received by mail, digital or physical and categorise for easy access

Benefits of Digital Mailroom

Our digital mailroom solution enables organisations to process documents from multiple sources in both physical and digital format. Unlike other digital mailroom services, we give you the power to add, amend or remove business processes, through our user friendly workflow module.

Automate correspondence

Each type of document (such as invoice, application form or contract) is classified based on image, text, lines and separator sheets and made readable (to the software) by means of OCR (Optical Character Recognition). OCR is a technique that reads letters, numbers and punctuation marks from a document so that they can be edited and archived. Incoming mail is delivered directly into any system via direct file transfer (VPN) and can also be automatically forwarded to the mailbox(es) of the appropriate department and/or person based on preconfigured workflows. Complaints can then be automatically forwarded to the Customer Service Department and invoices to the Administration Department.

Increased efficiency

There is an age-old saying within the business world that remains relevant to this day – time is money. Should you continue to use the older method that revolves around paper, you will have to delegate a number of employees to spend countless hours sorting through the documents which also can be lost. This manual process is extremely time consuming and takes time away from skilled individuals that could be focusing on other core business tasks. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for receiving high volumes of letters, look no further than a digital mailroom.

Time and cost savings

Because fewer manual operations are required, a lot of time is saved, and operational costs are reduced. Just think of manual operations such as storing mail (temporarily), sorting it, delivering it and perhaps keeping track of whether or not mail has been received when someone is not in the office. This is now a thing of the past with the digital mailroom. Mail is scanned, optionally data can be classified and extracted, and then delivered.

Better regulatory compliance

Regardless of the industry, organisations across Europe are required to adhere to several growing governmental regulations regarding client confidentiality and personally identifiable information (PII). Identity fraud has become an increasingly prevalent issue in recent years, so the storing of information must be closely monitored. By adopting the method of document scanning and digital ingestion utilising a digital mailroom, you can hide confidential information behind extra layers of security, subsequently reducing the chances of content being lost. In the long-term, this is an excellent way to reduce costs.

Departmental collaboration

There is a reason departmental collaboration is the last point in our list, this is because it is the most overlooked benefit of utilising a digital mailroom. Individuals may be on different floors, in different buildings or even different countries. Unlike traditional post, which needs to be reposted or scanned and emailed, digital mailrooms allow users to assign to individuals or other team queues for review. Not only does this save time and money, but it also helps build interdepartmental relations.

Digital Mailroom Automation process

Need more info on how a virtual mailroom solution works? Our mailroom delivery processes convert incoming mail into an easily accessible electronic format.

Pick up incoming mail from your business PO Box. High volumes of mail are no problem at all.

Securely deliver any mail items you receive to our scanning facility. The entire trip from pickup to delivery is tracked using secure GPS tracking for full transparency.

Receive mail and open mail parcels.


Separate out junk mail prior to document scanning, bundle it by date, and store or shred it. Scan the envelope and mail the contents of each parcel.

Digitally transform the envelope image and contents into one searchable PDF document.

Make your scanned mail available through a secure digital mailroom repository, ready for electronic distribution. You can view and manage everything in one place, then easily and securely distribute documents to your workforce.

Separate important items like checks and packages, and physically return them to you with minimal human contact.

Original documents can be securely stored, shredded, or returned to you.

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What our clients are saying

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OASIS provides us with a full records & information management service & to date the relationship between the two companies has worked very well. We have found OASIS’s services to be of a very high standard, with emphasis on security, quality, accuracy & punctual service

Clarkslegal LLP

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OASIS have consistently delivered a quality client focused service. They successfully managed, in conjunction with DMHS, a time sensitive project that saw in excess of 40,000 important documents migrated from our in-house facility to their specialised warehouse.

DMH Stallard (DMHS)

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We have found that OASIS have communicated well on each level & been happy to accommodate our changing needs. Our on going service contract includes the delivery & recall of archived information & this too seems to be working well.

Health Records Department , Princess Alexandra Hospital Harlow

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I had been approached by a number of businesses over the last three years looking to acquire my interest. When OASIS made an approach, their personalised, friendly and efficient manner essentially won the day. In particular, their commitment to continue to grow and manage the Box-it group.

Box-it group