The council rely on OASIS to safely store around 85,000 boxes of physical content. However since around 2018 HCC have been working with OASIS to gradually progress to a more digital format in order to allow for a more versatile system of information sharing.

OASIS Group fulfils regular requests from HCC for boxes and files to be scanned, with up to 45,000 images recorded each month.

There is a service-level agreement in place for the return of these images, and multiple users can easily and quickly access them, uploaded directly to their chosen locations.

A HCC user first provides a description of the required files and box location. The files are then prepped, scanned and uploaded to HCC’s secure portal where approved users can download them. These files are then returned into their box for storage.

OASIS have worked closely with HCC to meet their specialised requirements, and are proud of the strong working relationship they’ve built together.

Service Requirements

  • Documents uploaded directly into client’s secure portal
  • OCR (optical character recognition) for easy search
  • Secure and auditable storage and destruction of physical items
  • Access and permissions are managed by client’s internal system

OASIS has been the off-site storage provider for Hertfordshire Council since November 2016. OASIS currently holds 85,000 archive boxes (including approximately 1.1 million files). As part of this contract we implemented a scan on demand service where instead of having paper files returned we now mainly received files scanned back to us from OASIS. Last year we had 4,235 retrievals (93,653 scanned back and 582 in paper). OASIS has been a good off-site storage partner who has supported our move towards scan back retrievals.