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We understand that retail manages a large volume of confidential information such as credit card numbers. We have partnered with the Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP) at CSR to provide our clients with a Breach Reporting Service and Readiness Suite protecting your retail business from violations regarding regulatory compliance.

Our specialist records centres are purpose-built and designed under industry-leading security solutions. Your physical and digital storage is environmentally controlled and protected against fire using Inergen gas systems, offering effective fire suppression, without the risk of water damage associated with sprinkler systems.

It is common for companies to provision storage at the box level and retain independent listings of the items in the box. Over time, these often become disassociated. We can help you create items level lists through our box audit, classification, and cataloguing services. We then manage this item level data in our Plexus application, making it instantly available to you and ensuring that the same issue does not arise in the future. 



Yes, if you need to submit applicable records to a national data repository we can help you find the relevant records, classify them according to the submission standards, digitise them to the required standard and upload them on your behalf.

Where a retention date is recorded, we proactively report to you records that are available for destructionOur team can assist you in the development of compliance and design of retention strategies to audit records and identify candidates for destructionWe will not destroy any of your records in our records centre until the request is given in writing by an authorised person. When the time comes to destroy your records, we offer secure shredding services, with all the paper waste recycled and with a Certificate of Destruction.

Yes, our cloud-based Plexus application is designed explicitly for our energy clientsThe system comes with geographical interface, log (las/lis) and seismic (segy) viewers as standardPlexus allows your organisation to find paper-based records and instantly request services such as retrievals or scanning. All the digital records are made available for you to view and download once scanned. 

Certainly. We specialise in storing all types of data for the Energy sector. In addition to your organisations’ physical and digital data, we can store geological records such as core, cuttings, tapes containing well logs and seismic surveys, oil and gas samples and even non-standard containers such as map tubes.

Upon request we are happy to supply evidence of all our quality standards.  We understand that this can assist with your own internal, client and regulatory audits. Please contact our compliance team who will be able assist you compliance@oasisgroup.com.

Being certified with Cyber Essentials demonstrates a commitment to protecting data. The certification is evidence that an organisation has the appropriate processes in place safeguarding data from common cyber attacks.

Cyber security is essential to our everyday life, it protects our data from theft and damage. If cyber criminals obtained your data this could be misused, cyber security can protect your data from common cyber threats.

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