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Records Management


By allowing us to manage your records in a secure offsite location, you will gain peace of mind & invaluable time to focus on your core business. Not only do we secure your critical & essential information but we make it a priority to keep up-to-date with the ever increasing & complex records retention regulations being put in place across the EU. 




Providing Nationwide services, some of the benefits presented to our clients include:

Secure Records Centres

  • Reaching the most stringent industry standards we ensure the safeguarding & access of hard copy records
  • Highly secured, alarmed facilities monitored 24/7
  • Advanced fire detection & suppression systems technology
  • Security badges are compulsory & visitors are accompanied by an authorised manager at all times

Client Service

  • OASIS Bridge - Our secure online portal allows you to manage your record requirements from your desk
    • Request specific documents for delivery
    • Schedule a pick-up 
    • Order supplies 
    • Preview files with our 'Scan on Demand' options
  • Or you can order requests by phone & email
  • You will always speak to a local Client Care Representative (never a call centre)
  •  Only background checked Records Centre Specialists will expertly handle your confidential records

Fast & Efficient Access to your Records

  • Records are picked up from your office, barcoded, scanned & delivered to an OASIS records centre nearby
  • Authorised individuals can request information via phone or web, based on pre-selected criteria
  • Choice of active file management or container level storage & tracking
  • Access to a full record activity & audit trail of each records request 
  • Instant order placement & file search via OASIS Bridge 
  • Ensure your company remains compliant with automated retention schedule reminders

Cost Effective 

  • Re-allocation of office space to core business functions vs file cabinets
  • Gain valuable employee hours & financial resources
  • No more time wasted searching through documents or looking for information


  • Next-day, same-day & priority-rush services
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Secure vehicles & highly trained transportation specialists

Additional Services

  • Records project management
  • Scan-on-demand to streamline records retrieval requests
  • Imaging & electronic records management solutions
  • Retention consultation - Including specific policies connected to the upcoming GDPR


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