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World Mental Health Day 2023

By Nikki Clark | 10 October 2023

World Mental Health Day, 10th October, is an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the significance of mental health in our lives and in our workplace.

At OASIS Group, we understand that mental health is an integral part of overall wellbeing, and we are committed to ensuring that every OASIS team member feels safe, valued, and heard.

Our Commitment to Mental Health

Mental health challenges can affect anyone at any time. However sometimes, stigma associated with mental health issues can prevent individuals from seeking help or discussing their struggles openly.

At OASIS we work to encourage a workplace culture that is conscious of the importance of mental health and promotes open discussion and support.

This involves providing access to mental health resources including a Team Member Assistance Program, offering flexible and supportive ways of working, and creating opportunities for open conversations about mental health.

The theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day is mental health is a universal human right, reminding us that the importance of mental health transcends borders, cultures, and backgrounds. We believe that every member of our team deserves mental health support, and that it is our collective responsibility to make this as accessible as possible.

OASIS Mental Health First Aiders

At OASIS Group we’re proud to have 17 voluntary Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) on hand to support our team members internationally.

Our MHFAs are equipped to provide immediate support to those experiencing mental health crises or challenges, and have all achieved an accredited and internationally-recognised qualification in Adult Mental Health First Aid.

Each of them have the knowledge and skills to recognise the signs of mental ill-health, provide confidential and non-judgmental support and reassurance, respond to a mental health crisis, and guide team members to relevant support services.

The value of our MHFA programme is not only that it provides vital individual support for our team members should they need it, but importantly it also encourages a more supportive and empathetic culture for everyone.

So this World Mental Health Day we encourage you to join us in recognising the importance of mental health. In working together we can create a culture that empowers all of us to speak up and listen to each other.

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