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World Paper Free Day 2022

By Nikki Clark | 3 November 2022

When is World Paper Free Day?

6th November 2022 is World Paper Free Day.

What is World Paper Free Day?

World Paper Free Day encourages the reduction of paper production and use. The initiative was originally established by AIIM International. AIIM International is the association for information management professionals who offer research and training worldwide.

Do you still use paper? Is paper still heavily used?

Working from home and/or remotely has accelerated the reduction of paper. Traditional office-based working meant many people used paper out of habit and familiarity, with a ‘this is the way we’ve always worked’ outlook. The necessity to work remotely meant we found alternative ways of working collaboratively with colleagues removing the need for paper in our day to day processes. However, as many have begun to return to a traditional workplace with easy access to stationery and printers and more in person collaboration the question of whether this change is permanent or not will be answered.

Some organisations have tried to move away from a ‘traditional’ workplace prior to the pandemic for example implementing a ‘hot desk’ work environment or providing flexi working which goes hand in hand in paper free working methodologies.

Earlier this year at the AIIM Forum celebrated in London, we hosted a roundtable session which focused on whether a true paperless environment was ever achievable. One of the participants of the roundtable brought a very valid point to the conversation and requested we all stop vilifying paper. Which raised an additional query to whether it’s achievable – do we want to eradicate paper? However, whether we want to go paperless or not there are certain aspects that cannot be avoided for and against paper free operations.

Is it truly achievable to be completely ‘Paper Free’?

Paper does have a place in many organisations and is still necessary for many legal operations and processes.

Business requirements may direct the need to reduce paper in an organisation. There are many benefits to removing physical paperwork including quality and transparency assurance, the security of information, the environment, cost effectiveness and time efficiency.

Benefits to reducing paper, going paperlight or paperless:

The Environment

A reduction in paper use, means less paper production, which in turns means less trees cut down. However, there are additional benefits to the environment such as reducing CO2 emissions by removing the need of transporting physical paperwork.

Cost Effectiveness

Reducing paper use will in turn reduce the spend on stationary including paper, printer consumables, the hardware of printers as well as the service and maintenance of such equipment.

Time Efficiency

The management of paper records can be laborious and can mean additional time is required for processing, transporting and sending documents. Working digitally provides time benefits and allows quicker response and easier collaboration.

Are you considering reducing your paper use?

There are many ways you can start to reduce paper in your organisation. And it doesn’t matter in which stage you are in this process and on your digital journey because OASIS Group has a lot of experience and can support you with scanning, shredding or implementing back office automated systems. We can help you so that you are one step less away from a paperless or paperlight office.

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