Data is growing at an exponential rate, we cannot but marvel at the value that can be extracted from the massive volumes of business data that organisations accumulate over the years. Those piles of data can be scattered around devices, paper, files, and systems, and the best way to gain insights from this data is using archiving solutions.  

At OASIS, we understand the power of the information contained within your legacy data.  Consolidating this data and attaining full transparency will allow you to harness the value of your information. For that reason, we support our clients to develop data archiving strategies. We can help business extract data from outdated, unsupported legacy systems, and load the data onto our cost-effective data management platform.

When it comes to archiving the data, the purpose for retaining the data and archiving is important to identify. Data may need to be archived for many years to meet compliance requirements, especially in highly regulated industries like energy, financial services, or healthcare. But many organisations outside of these sectors also find it prudent to retain data for long periods as insurance.

While many organisations opt to deploy their data archiving platforms internally, there is another option that offers even greater return on investment: Plexus is a fully-managed solution for rapidly and securely locating and retrieving the information you need:

What are the major data archiving benefits?

  1. Compliance – Compliance remains the number one reason to archive data for those organisations that operate in an industry that is regulated, where strict laws control the retention of electronic records and specify strict retention periods during which the records need to be kept and readily available. Complying with industry standards for retaining records is of utmost importance for most organisations. Data management solutions allow you to ensure that all data is retained and sorted for the regulated specific length of time.
  2. Costs – Fully-managed options for data archiving require less investment than on-premise options. The data is incredibly important to protect – but it can cause an intense overload on the servers that store your data, especially when we know that storage requirements are growing. Archive data storage solutions are more cost-effective and simultaneously decrease the load on your IT department, as employees will no longer need to bother them with assistance when looking for old, deleted, or misplaced data.
  3. Focus on core business needs – While legacy data must be archived for regulatory purposes or is kept for strategic business reasons, the requirement to maintain legacy data may not outweigh the cost of managing archived data in-house. IT departments are busy enough supporting daily requirements and strategic projects. Relieving them of data archiving tasks through a data management solution helps ensure success for strategic projects while simultaneously meeting ongoing data archiving requirements.

As you research data archiving and application decommissioning strategies, consider a data management solution. It may provide an even greater return on investment than you anticipated.

Contact us today to find out how our Plexus solution can help you saving money with your data archive strategy.

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