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Six Top Tips for your Information Management this October!

By Nikki Clark | 16 October 2023

Just like ghosts that go bump in the night, mismanaged data can give you a fright, leading to lost opportunities, the security scaries, and chilling costs. But fear not, we have come up our 6 top tips that will ensure your information management processes never haunt you.

1. Define Clear Objectives – Scare Away the Data Spookies!

Identify the data that keeps your business alive and kicking, and how to unlock its true potential. By defining specific goals, you’ll ward off the spooky threats of irrelevant data and be able to create clear strategies for success.

2. Conduct Regular Audits – Who are you going to call…Ghost Busters!

Similar to how ghost busters investigate and hunt the supernatural, regularly audits for your information management practices will uncover any ghastly ghouls. Make sure there are no unwanted skeletons in your cupboard, review your Asset Register, DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment, and any Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) you might have for your data and record keeping procedures. This will help ensure data accuracy, completeness, and regulatory compliance. Periodic reviews will keep you one step ahead.

3. Prioritise Data Security – Cast a Protective Spell!

Data breaches are the stuff of nightmares! To protect against these wicked tricks, ensure your security measures are up to standard. Enchant your data with encryption, access controls, and multi-factor authentication to keep unwanted intruders at bay.

4. Train Your Team – transform the team into Information Management Superheroes!

Train them well in the art of information management wizardry! Conduct bewitching training sessions to enlighten them on data handling, classification, and disposal procedures. An informed team is your first line of defense against any spooky surprises.

5. Embrace Automation – don’t worry no black magic is involved!

Embrace automation tools and don’t worry no magic spells are needed to streamline your document management and workflow processes. With automation, you’ll have more time to work your corporate magic and fewer errors to worry about.

6. Backup Regularly – Ward Off Data Loss Phantoms!

To protect your business from such a terrifying fate, implement a robust backup strategy. Regular backups will keep your data safe from any unexpected and spine-chilling disasters. One consideration might be to utilise a trusted partner for data backup.

By following these 6 tips, you’ll safeguard your organisation from the haunting consequences of inadequate data management. So, let’s exorcise those demons together!  If OASIS Group can support you with any elements of your Information or Data Management processes do not hesitate to contact us today info@oasisgroup.com.

Wishing you a Happy Compliant and Oragainsed Halloween Time!

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