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Simple summer information management checklist

By OASIS Group | 17 July 2023

As summer approaches, many of us are beginning to look forward to our holidays. However, before you pack your bags, it is important to ensure your work and information are properly organised. Taking the time to tidy up your digital and physical spaces will not only help you relax during your time off but will also allow for a seamless transition back to work afterward.

  • Clear Your Inbox

Start by decluttering your inbox. Sort through your messages, unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters, and delete or archive emails you no longer need. Respond to any pending messages and set up automatic responses or delegate tasks to colleagues if necessary. Achieving inbox zero will help you avoid any surprises or unnecessary stress during your vacation.

  • Organise Digital Files

Take some time to organise your digital files. Create a folder and subfolder structure to categorise documents, images, and other file types. Rename files with clear and descriptive names, making it easier to locate them later. If you have an inhouse document naming policy, ensure you adhere to this. Consider any of your team members who might require access to any of these files during your absence.

  • Update Task Lists and Calendars

Review your task lists and calendars to ensure they accurately reflect your current priorities and deadlines. Complete any pending tasks or projects, and update your calendar with any upcoming events or meetings. Set reminders for important dates that fall during or immediately after your time off to help you stay on track when you return.

  • Clean Up Physical Workspace

Don’t forget to tidy up your physical workspace too. Clear out any unnecessary clutter, file away documents, send them to archive if required, and organise your stationery. A clean workspace will help you start fresh when you come back from your trip away.

We hope that you find our checklist useful. Being proactive will not only help you enjoy your time off but also make your return to work smoother. So, prepare yourself for a well-deserved break by tidying up your information today!

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