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OASIS acquires Archiefservices Nederland BV

By Jade Miles | 18 August 2015

On the 18th of August a purchase agreement was signed between OASIS and Archiefservices Nederland BV in The Netherlands.

This is the 3rd acquisition completed in The Netherlands, and the 10th by OASIS within the EU.

Archiefservices Nederlands BV was part of the logistics service provider UTS with national coverage in The Netherlands. Archiefservices Nederlands BV has 3 Record Centers located in The Hague, Zwolle and Haarlem. These branches are part of the new acquisition.

With the recent acquisitions of Securitas Data en Archief and Archiefservices Nederland, OASIS will now have full national coverage and additional Records and Information Management services for all of its clients.

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