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NHS DSP Toolkit Standards Exceeded

By Nikki Clark | 16 June 2022

OASIS Group are a proud partner of the NHS and are pleased to announce the recent completion of our annual assessment of the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit with Standards Exceeded. 

All organisations in England that access NHS patient data must certify and operate in accordance with the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit or more commonly known as the NHS DSP Toolkit.  The NHS DSP Toolkit was introduced in 2018 replacing the NHS Information Governance Toolkit (NHS IG Toolkit).  The revised toolkit is based on the 10 security standards as established by the National Data Guardian.

The 10 security standards of the National Data Guardian are split into three groupings called ‘Leadership Obligations’.  These Leadership Obligations are;

  • Leadership Obligation 1: People: ensure staff are equipped to handle information respectfully and safely, according to the Caldicott Principles.
  • Leadership Obligation 2: Process: ensure the organisation proactively prevents data security breaches and responds appropriately to incidents or near misses.
  • Leadership Obligation 3: Technology: ensure technology is secure and up-to-date.

More information can be found by visiting the National Data Guardian by clicking here.

There are three levels of status for organisations registered with the NHS DSP Toolkit, these are Approaching Standards, Standards Met and Standards Exceeded.  As previously stated OASIS Group (Offsite Archive Storage and Integrated Services (UK) Ltd) have attained Standards Exceeded status.  This level of certification demonstrates that evidence was submitted of compliance to the 10 security standards and accompanied with current Cyber Essentials PLUS certification.

Find out more about Cyber Essentials here.

To find out more about our DSPT status or compliance to other accreditations please contact compliance@oasisgroup.com.

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