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COVID-19 Statement

By Jade Miles | 2 March 2020

OASIS Group is closely monitoring developments relating to COVID-19 (“coronavirus disease 2019”) through the various official channels available including the government and health service resources from the countries in which we operate.

We have implemented the following precautionary measures to minimise the impact on our business:

  • We have established a steering committee to assess, monitor and control the risks and potential impacts of  COVID-19 on our Team Members, clients and business.
  • The steering committee is continually monitoring the status and worldwide developments of COVID-19, particularly in the countries in which we operate.
  • We are raising Team Member awareness of cyber-attacks in light of the increased risk of criminals exploiting the coronavirus to obtain sensitive personal information.
  • We are reviewing and updating our Business Continuity plans to ensure that they are up to date and fit for purpose so that we can continue to deliver our critical services in the event that a pandemic is declared or that a large number of our Team Members are affected by COVID-19 and unable to work.
  • Team Members have been informed of the requirement to comply with medical and government advice in relation to COVID-19. Managers have been briefed on how to handle any cases or potential cases in conjunction with legal and HR guidance.  
  • If multiple Team Members become unfit for work due to COVID-19, we will invoke our Business Continuity Plan immediately which will be managed by our Crisis Management Team.
  • If we are unable to provide our normal services to clients, or we expect our services to be disrupted, we will communicate this to our clients as soon as we become aware and we will agree the safest and most appropriate course of action to service their account.
  • All visitors and contractors to any of our sites are required to complete a declaration confirming that they do not have any known symptoms of COVID-19 and have not knowingly come in to contact with any other person who has been infected with the virus. Access will be denied if confirmation cannot be provided.

Additional information in relation to COVID-19 can be found by contacting the local health authority in each country.

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