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Can AI put the human back in ‘HR’?

By Jade Miles | 1 March 2019

When AI was first introduced there were talks of the bots taking away jobs however they have shown, especially in the case of HR professionals, that rather than take away they are providing the ability to focus on the more important tasks associated with this profession.

As advances in technology continue to make AI more accessible throughout all aspects of our lives it is making the modern-day workplace virtually unrecognizable. With electronic personal assistants in our phones available 24/7 to answer those burning questions we are now at a point where we can actively manage our workload by prioritising what needs ‘human interaction’ and what can be put in the ‘hands’ of AI.

Freeing HR professionals to focus on the ‘human’ touch-points such as;

  • Managing complex employee relations
  • Developing HR policy and procedures
  • Managing talent and succession planning
  • Supporting the recruitment process

Approximately 50% of an HR department’s labour time is spent dealing with administration, which involves finding, sorting and processing paper and digital records. Both record types come with their own challenges, whilst digital records are perceived as more readily accessible how true is this? Records are held across multiple platforms such as; email, shared drives, payroll systems and more. With so many locations to search how sure can we be of the efficiencies that digital has afforded?

Classification and Automated Processing

One way to be sure of the efficiencies is to ensure that your digital processing includes AI! The OASIS automated processing system learns about your documents and classifies them according to your organisations standards. This enables rules to be applied against specific categories of documents, allowing for not only a far more efficient search process but enabling a dynamic digital archive.

System generated reports from OASIS’ cloud based Electronic Document Management System (EDRMS) Omnidox allows you to act if specific documents are missing, such as ETW or if documents are due to expire. Giving you greater control of your archive and ensuring you comply with governmental and industry regulations.

AI aids in GDPR discovery

Omnidox offers further AI opportunities in the form of a GDPR discovery module. In the event of a subject access request (SAR) the discovery module allows authorised users to search for documents in Omnidox by the requestors name, select all matching documents and download into a single PDF file with the name bookmarked and highlighted. Furthermore, there is an option to redact all PII data.

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