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Discover the unparalleled capabilities of Omnidox 5, the industry-leading Cloud-based suite of Information and Records Management products. Renowned for its multiple award-winning performance, Omnidox 5 empowers organisations with a comprehensive range of secure auditing tools. From advanced categorisation to robust retention management, seamless search and retrieval, and efficient business processing functionality. Experience the power of a solution that seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with utmost security.

Benefits of Omnidox

Omnidox 5 is truly a revolutionary Information and Records Management solution and has been awarded the prestigious title of ‘Software Product of the Year’ at the highly acclaimed DM Awards for 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to our valued customers.

TOTP Two Factor Authentication

Experience the ultimate level of security with our cutting-edge Two-Factor Authentication feature. Safeguard your sensitive information with an added layer of protection that goes beyond passwords. When accessing your account, users will be prompted to enter their password as well as a unique six-digit one-time passcode. This additional authentication step ensures that only authorised individuals can gain access, providing you with peace of mind and safeguarding your valuable data from unauthorised access or breaches. Rest assured that your organisation’s security is our top priority. Upgrade your security measures today with our robust Two-Factor Authentication feature and stay one step ahead of potential threats.

Retention Management

Empower your organisation with the flexibility and control of our advanced Retention Rules feature. With the ability to “defer” rules for a period of up to 365 days and assess them against a specific Date Metadata Key, you can ensure compliance while tailoring your retention policies to your unique business needs. Whether you need to extend the retention period for specific records or adjust it based on specific events or milestones, our dynamic Retention Rules feature has you covered. Additionally, the capability to enable or disable rules provides you with the freedom to adapt to changing regulatory requirements or internal policies without compromising data integrity or security. Take charge of your retention management strategy and maintain compliance with ease using our powerful Retention Rules functionality.


Search Capabilities

OASIS understand that efficiency and convenience are paramount when navigating through large volumes of data. By setting a specific limit on the number of search results displayed per page, you can tailor the search experience to your preferences and optimise your productivity.

This feature allows you to strike the right balance between a manageable amount of information displayed at once and the need to access relevant results quickly. Whether you prefer a more compact view or a comprehensive overview, our search functionality puts you in control.

Experience the power of tailored search results with our advanced search functionality. Streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and find the information you need effortlessly. Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all search experiences – embrace the flexibility and efficiency of our customisable search results per page feature.

Comments Functionality

With Omnidox 5, you have the option to include Document Comments directly within PDF documents, allowing you to add valuable context, annotations, or instructions to your files. This ensures that important information and insights are seamlessly integrated into the document itself, promoting collaboration and clarity.

Furthermore, our latest update introduces a comprehensive ‘table of contents’ within the resulting merged PDF documents. This intuitive navigation feature empowers users to effortlessly move between the merged documents, enhancing their ability to locate specific sections or information quickly. With just a few clicks, you can efficiently navigate through complex document structures, saving time and increasing productivity.

Human Resources

Human Resources has long been considered a vital back office function, but
more recently it is also viewed as a high-impact strategic force OASIS can introduce efficiencies to HR processes.

Streamline Onboarding

Streamline employee onboarding and offboarding processes, including documentation, approvals, and access management. Automate leave management, including request submission, approvals, and tracking.

Performance Management

Simplify performance management processes, such as goal setting, feedback collection, and performance reviews. Automate employee data management, including updates to personal information, payroll details, and benefits administration.

Scalability and Adaptability

Omnidox 5 can easily scale with business growth. As transaction volumes increase, automation can handle higher workloads without significant resource investments.

Accounts Payable

Unleash the potential to streamline your processes, optimise cash flow, and elevate customer satisfaction. Click here to learn more.

Visibility & Compliance

Enhance visibility into invoice status, payment history, and cash flow management. Improve compliance with regulatory requirements and internal controls.

Vendor Management

Automate vendor management, including vendor onboarding, communication, and performance evaluation.

Purchase Management

Streamline purchase order matching, invoice approvals, and payment reconciliation processes.

Accounts Receivable

Our cutting-edge accounts receivable automation solution is designed to simplify your financial operations, optimize cash flow, and enhance customer satisfaction. Click here to learn more.

Reduce Human Error

Automate invoice generation and delivery, reducing errors and speeding up the billing process. Automate credit and collections processes, including credit checks, reminders, and dispute resolution.

Cash Flow Management

Enhance cash flow management with real-time visibility into outstanding invoices and payment status.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction through self-service portals for invoice inquiries and payment history access.

Digital Mailroom

Our digital mailroom solution enables organisations to process documents from multiple sources in both physical and digital format. Furthermore, documents can easily be shared between departments through intelligent workflow.

Unlike other digital mailroom services, we give you the power to add, amend or remove business processes, through our user friendly workflow module.

Inbound Mail

Digitise incoming mail and convert physical documents into electronic format for streamlined processing.


Improve collaboration and information sharing across departments through digital document workflows.


Enhance security and compliance by capturing and storing documents in a centralised, secure repository.

Our business process automation awards

Document Manager Award Winner for 2019
Document Manager Award Winner for 2020
Document Manager Award Winner for 2021

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What our clients are saying

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OASIS provides us with a full records & information management service & to date the relationship between the two companies has worked very well. We have found OASIS’s services to be of a very high standard, with emphasis on security, quality, accuracy & punctual service

Clarkslegal LLP

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OASIS have consistently delivered a quality client focused service. They successfully managed, in conjunction with DMHS, a time sensitive project that saw in excess of 40,000 important documents migrated from our in-house facility to their specialised warehouse.

DMH Stallard (DMHS)

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We have found that OASIS have communicated well on each level & been happy to accommodate our changing needs. Our on going service contract includes the delivery & recall of archived information & this too seems to be working well.

Health Records Department , Princess Alexandra Hospital Harlow

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I had been approached by a number of businesses over the last three years looking to acquire my interest. When OASIS made an approach, their personalised, friendly and efficient manner essentially won the day. In particular, their commitment to continue to grow and manage the Box-it group.

Box-it group