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It is important that you identify your end goal at the beginning of your digital transformation journey. The outcome your department, or overall organisation, is trying to achieve will define your digital strategy.

The list of benefits achieved through digital transformation is extensive and variable depending on many factors however across all industries and disciplines benefits include; improved efficiencies, increased productivity and cost savings.

Digital transformation can be seen across every sector however the types of technology can vary from industry to industry. There are various factors that influence the digital transformation journey, including regulatory commitments, and it is important to understand these early on in your journey.

As the focus continues to shift to a global economy many industries are finding that digital transformation is helping them stay competitive. Through the adoption of digital technologies businesses and organisations are able to save time and money.

Digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technologies across various areas of a business. Technology is used to automate new, or modify existing, business processes.

Indexing is key to the easy retrieval of electronic records. You should index your records according to the information that will be needed in order to retrieve the record. We can assist you in creating your indexing system. We offer customised indexing based on your company’s needs. Also, we offer an OCR option to help with the search and retrieval of your electronic records.

One of the main benefits of digital imaging is that it drastically reduces the time it takes to access your records. Digital imaging reduces your storage costs and space. Also, digital imaging is beneficial for companies that have multiple locations with several employees that need access to the same information.

No. We suggest only digitising records that are ‘active’, for example personnel files for existing Team Members, inactive files that are still within their required retention period can be securely stored in one of our regional record centres.

Yes. Once your confidential information is securely shredded, we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.

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