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Access and organise your organisation’s physical and digital information libraries with our online records management system

Secure platform

All login attempts are recorded by the system and can be viewed by users who have management rights. The system records the user and action of the user trying to login. All non-approved IP addresses are also recorded. The system operates on a 256-bit encrypted SSL socket, so all data transmitted online is extremely secure.

User permissions

FileLive allows you to set up roles and permissions to send you request to your approver. This helps establish if the rights have been given to access certain accounts. Access to sub accounts is determined by your account permissions.

Advance search

Simply enter a full word into the search field and select the search button. The FileLive system will then search across all files and box records and return the results whether the items are stored on or off site, pending, ‘perm out’ or destroyed. You can also export the results list as a CSV or Excel file by clicking on the buttons at the top left of the results table.

Simple order system

Search for the appropriate item and add the item to an order. You will have the option to request scan on demand or a physical delivery complying with the agreed service levels.

Additional functions

Item order history to track past orders, metadata edit to update new metadata linked to boxes or files, uploading images or request box contents are some of the additional functionalities that our system offers.

FileLive Search options

The system is a complete package, enabling organisations to integrate and securely manage a diverse range of documentation.

File Level

The term ‘indexed at file level’ means that each individual file has been barcoded and is indexed against multiple fields of data on FileLive, such as client name and client number. FileLive users will be able to search and request the required file(s) by entering either the file number or name into the relevant field. Individual files will be handpicked from store and either delivered within a secure box to the client’s sites or scanned ready for viewing through FileLive.

Box Level

Items indexed at box level have not been individually indexed within the box. These items are searchable via the box reference, item description, contents range and general contents. The search criteria will be against either the box contents range (e.g, 1 to 50 or A to C), box contents or box description relating to the items contained within, if applicable. Although box level items are only searchable via full box, FileLive users can order an individual file from the box, resulting in the file being picked from the box, barcoded as a ‘File Level’ item and delivered by OASIS. The box will remain in store at an OASIS facility.

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