OASIS Bridge

OASIS’ online records management system

The online portal allows clients to order collections or deliveries, whilst managing their physical archive assets online

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Industry-leading archive management system

OASIS Bridge is an online archive management system that will allow you to manage your records from your desk ensuring that the move offsite increases your access to your business critical information. OASIS Bridge can be customised depending on the organisations needs.

Online management of archive assets

Request for the collection and/or delivery of boxes and files

Online ordering of consumable items such as boxes, barcodes and destruction sacks

Pre-built management information reports

Physical archive database searching

Editing authorised file / box metadata

Add new boxes and files to archive

Manage records retention plans

OASIS Bridge options

The system is a complete package, enabling organisations to manage and access to the information of files, boxes or consumable items.

Our warehouse is a commercial building for storage of goods. Our warehouse is used by manufacturers, importers, exporters etc.

Our common storage box for files, media, etc. is a sturdy box made to be longer-lasting than a shipping box or crate.

Our open shelf storage is a flat horizontal plane which is used to store files and other items.

Our High-density storage for devices like floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, or HDDs is in a secure climate control room.

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