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This is the date any new rates will come into effect.

When we notify you of a change in rate, this field will display what the new rate of the service will be after the date included in your notification communication (this will most likely have been emailed to you). The effective date is also included in your rate card.

This is the service cost as it stands in the current year.

The service names on your rate card lists which services are available as part of your existing contract with OASIS.

Each OASIS service has a unique code for our internal reporting. There will also be a service name to help you identify which service it relates to.

Physical records are stored in a secure OASIS Group Record Centre and digital records are hosted in a Tier 3+ data centre.

You can view your inventory in our online portal OASIS Bridge. If you would like to request access for an authorised user within your organisation please contact your local Client Care team.

Yes. We can invoice different departments, each with its own specifications. Moreover, by storing your files by department, you can also determine which employees have access to specific records.

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