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Omnidox 5 is a multi-award winning Cloud based suite. Providing categorisation, retention management, search, retrieval and business processing functionality, for both electronic and paper records.

Client Hub has a multitude of functionality providing a one-stop-shop instant access to Client asset inventories, on demand management information, update system asset information and contact client care.

OASIS Bridge seamlessly allows users to track, trace, manage their records and archives. Supporting a number of industry sectors as diverse as local authority, Law Firms, Healthcare and Finance.

FileLive allows users to manage their physical inventory securely online. FileLive also has a secure image viewer where authorised users can view any scanned or uploaded documentation.

Plexus is our cloud-based platform designed to optimise the value of your data, while reducing costs. Simplify the complexities of managing different types of physical and electronic assets and associated metadata with our Plexus solution.

Client logins are unique please contact your Account Manager.

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