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Delivering Intelligent Solutions

Partnering with government agencies to reduce costs and improve efficiencies
Government budget constraints remind agencies about the importance of finding the most cost effective and efficient means of Records & Information Management (RIM).  OASIS has proven experience delivering RIM programs to government agencies to meet those needs.  OASIS provides government agencies with extensive RIM services for reducing costs and improving efficiencies including records management, media vault, secure destruction and digital solutions.

Controlled Inventory Management

Government agencies are gaining control through records retention and destruction
OASIS works with the public sector to gain control over and consistency with their RIM needs.  We provide customised records management and secure destruction programs that reduce costs and serve as viable alternatives to government run record centres and services.

Improved Consistency and Efficiency

Flexible and reliable records retrieval, delivery and destruction programs
Historically, internally managed records storage, retrieval and destruction programs have been affected by inconsistent and untimely results.  OASIS delivers government agencies with fast, proven and reliable processes and RIM solutions designed for proficient indexing, organising and accessing of business information.