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Vault Storage

Our closely monitored Off-Site vault storage facilities are ideal for storing highly confidential, historical, or irreplaceable documents.

Our temperature controlled vaults have industry-leading security and access measures to safeguard your most valuable documents and those requiring special environmental conditions.

These state-of-the-art storage facilities are equipped with VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) and fire suppression systems to detect and eradicate the threat of fire.

Vault Storage Benefits

Security: To protect against unauthorised access, burglary or vandalism, our vaults are fitted with state-of-the-art alarm systems, and a multi-layered security process that makes them ideal for protecting your organisation’s most important documents

Environmental Conditions: Our temperature and humidity controlled storage vaults are calibrated and maintained to ISO 9001 standards ensuring your documents are safely stored in optimal conditions.

Fire controls: Our fire rated storage vaults provide clients with additional ventilation automated fire detection and dry fire suppression features

Track and Trace: With our point-to-point tracking system you have complete control over your documents and a full audit trail.

Storage of non-standard Items: The Storage Vault can also be used for storing non standard items such as retention samples.

Vault Storage Process

Although customisable to our clients' demands our vault storage process typically happens as described below.




OASIS collect the boxes/files from your office. The documents will be transported to our records centre for registration and storage.



Your records will be transported with GPS-equipped vehicles. OASIS can pinpoint the exact location of all vehicles at any time. Our vehicles are fitted with Slam Locks and are kept locked at all times throughout daily deliveries and collections. At no time do any of our drivers leave their vehicles unattended without thoroughly securing the vehicle beforehand.

vault storage


When the records arrive in the secure area of our records centre, the unique barcode for each box and/or file is registered. The barcodes are linked to the data captured by OASIS, enabling you to access your records any time via the Records Management System, OASIS Bridge. 


Clients can quickly and easily request the retrieval of their stored files using OASIS Bridge (Our Records Management system) and one of our team members will deliver the required files directly to your premises. Alternatively, documents can be digitised and made available online.

Vault Storage Options

Active Vault Storage

For regular access and re-File

Our Active storage option is ideal for clients who need to securely store routinely required documents (such as title deeds). Active Vault Storage gives you the security benefits of an offsite vault, while still giving you on-demand access to your documents.

Long Term Vault Storage

For Rarely Retrieved Documents

Suitable for clients requiring sustained preservation of their documents. Our long term storage vaults are a cost-effective option for clients who require less regular access to their records.

Non-Standard Storage

For irregular items or documents

Ideal for retention samples where strict regulatory requirements must be met (such as medical equipment). Our non-standard vault storage service allows clients to securely store their items in suitable environmental conditions.