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Storage Solutions


Our archiving solutions provide you with fast, easy access. The configuration of your archives are optimised so that you can manage them more efficiently & professionally. By synchronising your physical & digital archive records we create better continuity in your data flow. OASIS Bridge, our secure web based information management system, allows you to be in control of your document processes at all times by keeping track of your records every step of the way.

What's the best solution?
Deep Storage for Static Archives

Do you have files that are rarely used & retained mainly to comply with regulations, compliance or legally defined retention periods? If so, you are not alone as approximately 60% of all archives are static. The 'Deep Storage' solution, a new & unique concept we brought to the market. Particularly cost effective, whereby:

  • Box files can be stacked on to pallets & stocked in fully automated high bay warehouses.
  • Depending on their size, 30 to 40 box files can be stacked on to one pallet. 
Semi-Static Archives

Are your files sporadically utilised or requested? If so, your files are called Semi-Static Archives & our unique solution ensures:

  • Files are stored at binder or box level in rooms that are especially designed for this purpose.
  • They are easily accessible & generally stored for a period of two to four years. 
  • From that point, we will consult with you & most likely transfer the files to Deep Storage or schedule them for destruction. 
Dynamic Archives

Would you require a daily retrieval of files (health records, legal documents, etc.)? If so, then the Dynamic Archive solution is ideal: 

  • Registered & managed at file level for rapid retraction.
  • Physically or digitally accessible. 
  • On average, these files are stored in the dynamic archive for a period of one to two years.


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