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Document Management


This is an essentail aspect of archiving effectively & we are comfortable to say we are experts in this field. Why is it extremely important to index archives effectively?

  1. It creates a professional, high-quality & manageable archive
  2. Ensures the efficiency in case of an audit
  3. Prevents accounts getting mixed-up during an office relocation or any changes within the company
What can we do?
  • Incorporate your existing company structure into its database so your staff can continue to work within an environment that they are familiar with.
  • Manage your records by existing departments, locations or working groups.
  • Register each archive record based on the index information that better suits your needs.
  • During the registration process, records are supplied with a unique barcode, to which the index is linked.
  • The index is immedialty stored in OASIS Bridge for instant retrievial requests from the database.

OASIS advises & guides you in determining the level of registration and storage you desire, dependent on the frequency of your requests whether that's pallet, box, binder, file or page level.

However, if you prefer to index, that's no problem. Our ICT department developed the “Mutation Control System” (MCS). This secure user-friendly web interface provides a uniform way of indexing by means of predefined structures & helps you to correctly incorporate both old & new files, as well a unique link to a location, department or destruction year.

This way, your existing information management is optimized & YOU obtain a database in which:

  • All active & passive archive records are known & indexed (“Tracking & Tracing”);
  • All physical & digital information records are mutually linked;
  • & all information records can be seen & requested online.

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