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OASIS Group Response to COVID-19 March 2020

By Jade Miles, Wednesday, 1st April 2020 | 0 comments

A message from our CEO

Following on from the recent announcements by the various Governments across the regions in which we operate, OASIS Group would like to assure our clients that we continue to operate to and within impacted areas as local conditions and restrictions allow.

During these challenging and unprecedented times, OASIS Group is committed to minimising the spread of the Coronavirus and our focus is to ensure that we can maintain all our services subject to local restrictions, whilst keeping our Team Members, clients, members of the public and stakeholders safe.

We understand how much our clients rely on our services and we are working hard to protect the interests of our clients and limit the impact of any potential disruptions. We will always ensure that our Team Members, clients and stakeholders are kept at the heart of every decision and action that we take. 


What are we doing to protect our clients and our business?


Business Continuity Plans

OASIS Group has contingency plans and routines to maintain sound operations in extraordinary situations. We have conducted a risk assessment of our critical activities, resources and supply chain and we have developed full and robust business continuity plans to maintain services and security to the upmost level while complying with local and government restrictions.

Our Business Continuity Plans include the points below:

  • A Crisis Management Team who meet daily.
  • Monitoring the progress of our Business Continuity Plans and any new or emerging risks through our Crisis Management Team and mitigating these accordingly.
  • Scenario-based plans for the different phases of the Coronavirus.
  • We have moved our operations to home-based working wherever possible.
  • We have made changes to our delivery and collection processes to protect the health and safety of our Team Members and clients and minimise the risks associated with COVID-19. These changes ensure that our services can continue without interruption.
  • On request, we can scan and send records instead of physically delivering them.
  • Quickly mobilising and deploying resources across OASIS Group in accordance with priorities. Our Team Members are cross-trained which means we can be flexible and responsive in our use of resources.
  • Business Continuity and resilience plans take account of the possibility that key workers or key facilities may be impacted by COVID-19.


Team Members

  • We are issuing regular communications to remind our Team Members of good hygiene practice and the requirement to comply with medical and government advice in relation to the basic protective measures against COVID-19, this includes personal travel and sickness reporting.
  • We are providing our Team Members with support and pastoral care through our HR and occupational health teams and Employee Assistance Programme.
  • We are issuing regular communications and guidance to managers to support them with handling any COVID-19 cases in accordance with official medical, government, legal and HR advice.
    • We have implemented a no-physical contact policy which includes the use of online tools to hold meetings.
    • We have imposed travel restrictions for all non-business critical travel.
    • We continue to raise Team Member awareness of cyber-attacks in light of the increased risk of criminals exploiting the coronavirus to obtain sensitive personal information.
  • Team Members engaged in the provision of essential services have been identified across all countries in which we operate, and where required notified of their status.
  • We have cross trained a number of staff in each facility to cover all essential services should the normal staff fall ill or not be able to fulfil their duties.



  • As your Records and Information Management partner we have full digital capabilitities and we are asking our clients to consider whether documents they require can be scanned and sent electronically at this time.
  • We are working with clients to ensure a dedicated single point of distribution is available for our Team Members when making collections and deliveries.
  • We are no longer asking clients to handle our hand-held devices for signature. Instead our Team Members are logging the name of the authorised individual accepting the delivery.



  • We are conducting a review of our critical suppliers to seek assurances that they can continue to provide the level of service that enables OASIS to maintain service levels to our clients.
  • We are in constant communication with our suppliers and they have been instructed to notify us if any of their circumstances change which could put at risk the delivery of their products or services to OASIS Group.
  • We have not yet identified any risks or issues in our supply chain.


Visitors and contractors

  • All visitors and contractors to any OASIS Group site are required to complete a declaration confirming that they do not have any known symptoms of COVID-19 and have not knowingly come in to contact with any other person who has been infected with the virus. Access will be denied if confirmation cannot be provided.
  • All non-business-critical visits to our sites have been cancelled and/or rescheduled to a later date.


How will we keep you informed?

We will continue to monitor the situation through official channels and will take all necessary actions to maintain our services whilst complying with the government directives of the countries in which we operate. Naturally, this is an evolving situation and we will do all we can to ensure we communicate changes to our services as advice and restrictions are released.

To keep you updated, we will post information on our website (www.oasisgroup.com), LinkedIn and direct email. If you would like to see the status of our individual services please click here