Recent leaps forward in Artificial Intelligence technology have taken the world by storm, with disciplines as diverse as administration, freight, law, and even art and design standing to be affected by AI systems in the near future.

Looking forward into the not-too-distant future, I believe AI will have a massive impact on the Information Management industry, especially related to record management.

At OASIS we have utilised AI technology for some time, using it to extract and validate information from records. This helps our clients to access the information they need quickly and intuitively.

However in years to come this stands to develop rapidly. I think we can expect to quickly move beyond simply using this technology to recognise words, phrases and patterns in records, to a point where we can utilise AI to gain greater context and understanding of industry trends and human behaviours. 

Embedding new AI capabilities into our clients’ workflows are also likely to be a key trend. In time, clients will no longer need to come and check what’s in their records via a traditional search.

Instead they will be able to rely on AI capability to review legacy records for them, with the software having learned behaviour based upon the tasks the client is completing, using the tools they are familiar with. AI will evaluate if there is something beneficial in completing a task, suggest it to the client, and make the resultant document – or even just the relevant parts – instantly available to them.

It’ll be a brave new world, and one to embrace for the benefit of our clients, and our business.

Kerry Blinston,
Managing Director UK and Ireland

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