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Data Backup Solutions


We provide more than peace of mind; we guard your mission critical business asset: your information. In the case of a disaster, infrastructure & equipment can be replaced, lost information cannot. We take various measures to ensure your business continuinty won't be effected should your information be threatened.

Backup Tape Rotation

Our backup tape rotation service guarantees safe handling throughout the process. 

  • Reliable, secure & cost effective rotation of computer backup data
  • Understand the importance of security in all aspects of the chain of custody
  • Run background checks on all of our personnel that touch your data
  • Transport data in protective containers via secure vehicles until it is safely placed in our climate controlled, secure media vault
  • Scan & track each container or individual tape, providing you with log records for every pick-up & delivery 

Secure your Valuable Data

The continuity of your organisation is largely dependent on the digital data stored on your servers or storage systems. When an unexpected situation occurs, backup tapes are often the last resort. Therefore, secure remote storage of your backup tapes is of the utmost importance to protect your business.

Transport in Secure Suitcases

Backup tapes are transported in locked suitcases specifically designed for data tapes & can only be opened by authorized staff.

Transport with GPS Tracking

With GPS tracking, we always know the location of your backup tapes. Together with the use of advanced sensors on the doors & rear of the vehicle, we can even tell you exactly how long a door or cover was left open & exactly at which address.


In case of an emergency, our trained & screened OASIS staff are available 24/7.


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