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Tape Backup to Cloud

Should you suffer the loss of mission critical data, the future of your business could be threatened. IT infrastructure can be replaced, lost information cannot.

Do you have reels of information on tapes that are no longer produced or in use? Do you know what information is contained on those tapes? We have a cloud based solution to solve this very issue. From the tapes you store with us, we can pull the information from the tapes, convert them into useable files & have them stored onto a cloud based solution. By doing this, you will never have to waste valuable time searching for information & you can rest easy knowing the information will be permanently & securely saved.

To get started on converting your tapes to a secure cloud based solution or to learn more about the tape services we require, please click the button below to get started.


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Restoration Assurance Program

What is it?
An end-to-end Managed Solution for the secure vaulting, identification and retrieval of data from Backup Tapes that enables the client to retire the legacy infrastructure.

  • Customised to individual customer requirements such as tape formats, backup software & data types.
  • Tailored for litigation holds, e-Discovery & other unplanned restoration events
  • Eliminates hard IT costs, reduces risk whilst assuring reliable access to customer’s information assets
  • A global solution offered by OASIS & TDS

What are the deliverables?

  • Guaranteed restoration capability of managed media (future proofing)
  • Fully managed knowledge base including backup catalogues/indexes/all available targeting information
  • Fully defensible restoration process
  • Pre-set turnaround times on restoration and delivery of targeted data
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Pre-established workflow for request process
  • Documented reports & project history


Backup Solutions

Our offerings include:

  • Reliable, secure and cost effective rotation of computer backup data
  • Understands the importance of security in all aspects of the chain of custody
  • Runs background checks on all of our personnel that touch your data
  • Transports data in protective containers in secure vehicles until it is safely placed in our climate controlled, secure media vault
  • Scan and track each container or individual tape and provide you with log records for every pick-up and delivery - so you know where your information is at all times


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