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Brian Connolly
Brian drives the overall strategic & operational functions of OASIS. As CEO, he ensures OASIS remains at the forefront of the industry by leading the rapid expansion of the company & determinedly delivering a return on investment for our clients & shareholders. As a pivotal member & through his leadership, he plays a key role in the present & future success of the company.



Nick Knight
Executive Vice President, Sales & Commercial Development
Focused on the sales & commercial strategy of OASIS, Nick is an expert of the RIM industry having worked across various departments including operations, business development & sales. Putting his expertise to use, he tirelessly works with his team to meet & exceed our current & prospective client’s expectations. 



Darren Walsh
Executive Vice President, Operations & Client Relations
Darren has led high-performance teams & worked with customers & partners for over 20 years. Applying his extensive knowledge, he has mastered the critical & vital elements of operations & tirelessly ensures that each aspect contributes to increasing overall efficiency & managing our client’s needs effectively. 



Claire Gallagher
Director of Integrations & Compliance
As the most tenured team member of the original OASIS, her career in the RIM industry began in 1999. A hands-on team member & active participant of OASIS’s journey, Claire has managed almost every department over the years. Utilising that knowledge, she seamlessly leads the company through acquisition integrations & manages all regulatory compliance issues for OASIS.



Fiona Holdsworth
Director of Acquisitions
Responsible for pursuing, approaching & acquiring the next team to join the OASIS family, Fiona quickly revealed her secret talent of successfully seeking out & obtaining new opportunities for OASIS. Truly excelling in what she is doing, she ensures the acquisition & integrations teams are constantly on their toes & kept up-to-date with what is coming down the line. 



Barbara Ellis
Director of Investment Realtions
Utilising her marketing background & experience, Barbara’s infectious positivity shines through in her role as she promotes OASIS, the team & new clients pre- and post-acquisition. Working hard to ensure that the great work & activities of OASIS are acknowledged, her ​smart & creative approach ensures her finger is always on the pulse of our industry. 


Jane Gallagher
Group HR Director
Focused on team members, culture & the ever growing OASIS community, Jane drives & delivers on people oriented strategies to support the company’s organisational capabilities & growth. With a friendly & welcoming manner, she ensures every element of HR reflects upon the culture & values of OASIS now, & in the future.



Richie Patton
Group Finance Director
Analyzing important financial data & reports to assist with key business decisions, Richie leads our ever increasing accounting & finance team across the entire group. Supporting the strategic foresight of the business, he provides knowledgeable & accurate information to the senior management team. 


Dennis Barnedt
Executive Chairman 
Having successfully founded & led one of the world’s largest record & information management companies, Access Information Management located in the USA, Dennis set his sights on Europe in 2009 & acquired OASIS Group. Headquartering the company in Dublin, Ireland the expansion onto the continent was not far behind. Now with over 30 locations across six countries, he has effectively transformed OASIS into one of the fastest growing & most dynamic companies in the industry.