With more than 26 acquisitions to date, we are continuously trying to grow our team and build a solid footprint across Europe. If you are thinking about the next steps for your company or are considering an exit strategy, OASIS Group may be the best place to start.

Why OASIS Group?

Serving clients for over 18 years, OASIS is one of the largest and most diverse professional records and information management companies in Europe. With operations in 29 locations across six countries, we value our team members and strive to deliver the highest level of customer service to our clients. 

We are always interested in growing the OASIS family so if you are thinking about selling your business, you can confidentially contact Fiona Holdsworth our Director of Acquisitions, by clicking the button below. Together with our experience and successful integration process, we will make any transition very smooth for you, your team and your clients.

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"In my limited experience of selling companies and businesses, this was by far the easiest to execute. Partly because you did not have loads of consultants duplicating each other’s work, partly because you knew exactly what you wanted but mainly because if there was a question you involved Brian and sorted it before it became an issue. From my point of view, the best thing of all was when you agreed to something you did not reopen the same question. It has been a pleasure to do business with you". 
Anglian Archives

"I wish to thank Brian, Fiona, Dennis and the OASIS team in making the whole process as smooth and as easy to deal with as possible. It has been a genuine pleasure in dealing with any member of OASIS group and I am absolutely confident that with the expertise you guys have, my former archive business will only continue to grow and flourish. I sincerely wish you all the very best for the future".  
West Country Storage Solutions

"Selling a business is always going to be a stressful thing and very emotional particularly in our circumstances. I have to say that you guys were brilliant to deal with and made the process as smooth as it could possibly have been. I really do wish you all well for the future and would ask you to pass this message on to all those concerned".
Archive 2000

"I am delighted that OASIS has acquired Arc as I believe you are the best company we met in this process and will make the most of the acquisition. I wish those we had the pleasure to deal with, the very best for the future".

"Absolutely yes, I would have no problem talking to anybody about my positive sale experience".

"It has been a pleasure working with genuine people like Brian and Fiona to complete the deal".

"It's been a pleasure working with you and your team on the Safebox project and I hope you will be pleased with your acquisition. Thank you for keeping to the deadline agreed, it has worked well and the staff were settled before I left. Please also send my thanks and best wishes onto Dennis and once again thank you for all your hard work. I would be more than happy to talk with a potential seller to share my positive experience". 


Acquisition News

December 20th, 2016
OASIS Group Ends the Year on Acquisition High
OASIS Group, the fastest growing records and information management (RIM) company across Europe, have confirmed the completion of two acquisitions that took place within the UK and Republic of Ireland markets.

December 7th, 2016
OASIS Group Continues to Advance on Acquisition Trail

OASIS Group have confirmed the completion of three additional acquisitions that took place within the Netherlands and UK markets. Since November 7th, OASIS has secured the RIM business of Meta Archiefbewaarneming BV, Anglian Archives, Ltd. and EndEx Archives, Ltd.

June 9th, 2016
OASIS Group Acquires De Haan Archiefbeheer

OASIS Group have confirmed an additional vital acquisition. In a deal finalised May 18th, the company acquired De Haan archiefbeheer BV located in Alblasserdam, the Netherlands.

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